• FRAGO- All Purpose Odour Neutralizing Spray

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    First of its kind, Frago Spray not only eliminates all odours from your rooms, cars and offices, but also from your clothes, car seats, carpets, and a variety of other surfaces.

    Unlike other air fresheners that simply mask odours with their perfume, Frago Spray completely eliminates the odour, without leaving behind any fragrance.

    Frago Spray has a light floral perfume that quickly dissipates, leaving your home and belongings smelling naturally fresh.

    • Eliminates odour
    • Keeps air fresh, clean and healthy to breathe
    • Keeps clothes, carpets, cars and any other surfaces odour free

    Works on a variety of odours including, cigarettes, naphthalene balls, sweat, etc. It can be safely used on most fabrics and carpets when used as directed.

    Not recommended for silks and leather.

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